International Women in Engineering Day 2020

June 23rd, 2020

International Women in Engineering Day 2020

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) now in its seventh year, was launched to celebrate women in engineering around the world. To raise awareness of INWED we asked our women engineers to share their stories in relation to this year’s theme of ‘Shape The World’.

Maria Hurtado, Electrical Engineer

“When I first realised the impact that our day-to-day life can have on our environment, I wondered how this was being solved and whether I could be part of the solution. Why couldn’t I? After 4 years at university and over 3 years of experience within the building services field, I am only at the beginning of my career but I can say that I am making my own small contribution towards a better world. Fortunately, most projects nowadays are focused on reducing their carbon footprint due to an increased environmental awareness, and I can be part of them as an engineer. As a quick example, I have participated in the electrical design of a new boathouse at Shiplake College, a sustainable BREEAM certified building, that was recently completed.”

Lindsey Arnott, Senior Sustainability Engineer

“I grew up in a house built in 1970. It was an unusual design with a large surface area to volume ratio. As such it was really hard to keep warm. Not wanting to waste energy we developed a daily ‘radiator routine’ of adjusting the TRVs: before you go to bed you turn down the living room radiators and turn up the kitchen one ready for the morning. Before you go to work/school, turn down kitchen and turn up the living room. And at some point in the evening remember to turn up the bedroom radiators. But good design for energy efficiency and comfort should be nearly invisible. It shouldn’t have to rely on the behaviour of occupants. After experiencing poor design and learning about the causes and consequences of climate change, I wanted a career where I can help shape the world. As a Sustainability Engineer I get to be part of a team designing low carbon buildings, creating healthy environments in schools and workspaces, and making homes comfortable and efficient to run. I love my job and get a lot of satisfaction from seeing the impact I can have.”

Anna Szot, Lighting Designer

“My passion for design started from a very early age. My interest in design was spread over many disciplines from spatial and interior design to product design. I was interested how our natural surroundings and built environment influence our life. However, my journey with lighting begun later when I have joined CBG and realised that light is a single unifying force that can bring everything together. I have been fascinated by the power of light to transform a space; enhance the way we perceive architecture and world around. This realisation had put me on the lighting design path.

By using LED tunable technology and modern lighting controlling solution we can create emotions and interactions with the world that can make difference to the way we live. Electrical power consumption for lighting is one of the largest sources of building energy consumption therefore Daylighting is a cornerstone strategy aiming at reducing a building’s energy consumption. Daylight responsive dimming significantly reduces lighting energy use. Well design lighting is very important as Light creates not only a visual interest and specific spatial atmosphere; it also has biological and psychological effects that can impact our health and wellbeing. It is all about balance and harmony. Balance of light & shadow, to create harmony and well-being in all aspects of everyday life.

I am hugely encouraged by the growth of the number of women that are nowadays more and more involved in the lighting industry.”

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