Good lighting design is fundamental to the success of any building.

It determines how the building is perceived, and how comfortable it is to live or work in. It affects the wellbeing of those inside it, and it has an impact beyond the boundaries of the project. With LED technology, we have the ability to fine tune lighting to get it just right. We can vary the intensity, colour and placement of the lighting to an almost infinite degree. Smart controls can reduce energy usage, provide fault reporting, and give real-time asset management information about a building.

The starting point for any scheme should be to consider what daylight  is available. When correctly controlled, it provides a superior quality of light, is good for wellbeing, and of course is freely available. For more information on daylighting design, see the Building Physics services we offer.

When it comes to the electrical or artificial lighting design, our team will work with you to understand the building needs. A good lighting scheme does not need to mean an expensive lighting scheme. Small details can make the difference between average lighting, and lighting that will enhance a building.

Our engineers have a solid grounding in the design standards and metrics of lighting, yet also understand that lighting cannot be defined by numerical calculations alone. The diverse sectors we work in means different approaches are often needed. We use 3D modelling, graphic design visualisations, and samples to illustrate our proposals, while the value of a mock up cannot be overstated.

We see our lighting projects through from inception to commissioning and handover, and with no commercial ties to any manufacturer, our advice is always impartial.

Our Services

  • Feasibility Studies and Concept Designs;
  • Site Strategies/ Masterplanning;
  • Lighting calculations;
  • Daylight Design;
  • Residential Lighting;
  • Lighting Impact Assessments and Planning Advice
  • Heritage Lighting Design
  • External Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • BIM Lighting Design and Scheduling