Lighting is a mix of science, engineering and art.

It is a very visible aspect of any building, central to how it performs, and impacts on the daily lives of us all. Yet it is elusive to define by numerical metrics alone.

We are engineers by discipline, passionate about analysing and understanding the technical aspects of design. We also bring a strong creative side to lighting design, studying and enjoying the interaction of light and architecture. Standards tell us how to make lighting compliant, but they are not a guide to how to get the lighting right for your space. We seek to create lighting beyond standards based lighting design, pushing the boundaries of our projects to develop better schemes. We bring with us a solid practical experience of product technical specifications, controls design, and wiring installation. This ensures the concept can actually be delivered, and to your budget.

Of course, lighting is not just about lamps and wires, it is also about daylight. We collaborate closely with architects, interior designers and our own Building Physics team, modelling both artificial and natural light.

We have in-depth experience across many sectors, including education, commercial, public buildings, outdoor and landscape lighting, religious buildings, museums and galleries, and transportation. We have a speciality in heritage lighting design, recognised by the awards our projects have won.