Sam is a Chartered Engineer with 12 years of experience in the Design and Management of a wide range of developments including Commercial Buildings, Public Buildings, Residential, Universities, Industrial, Recreational, Sports Complexes, Heritage, Retail, Offices, Hotels and High Rise.

Sam has comprehensive experience of Mechanical Buildings Services Design, with a breadth of experience, having covering projects throughout London, the South East, Thailand and Myanmar.

The projects have ranged from niche high specification residential buildings, through economic and functional housing trusts to large high rise schemes.

Sam is well placed to bring a wealth of existing experience and knowledge into a project and allows alternative thinking that may be able to bring a unique solution to complex problems. His expertise in planning, design, supervision and handover with a thorough understanding of the complete project lifecycle helps facilitate the running of any project.


Sam Flanagan

Principal Mechnical Engineer

Location: Oxford

Qualifications: MEng (Hons), CEng, MCIBSE