Our core business is the design of mechanical, electrical and public health engineering. We are highly experienced in this field across all sectors of the industry.

We employ some of the most talented engineers in the industry and these engineers are supported by our specialist teams of Building Physics to deliver strong technical design solutions in a disciplined and considered manner tailored to client requirements.

Our approach is to engage with the stakeholders at an early stage to review and reaffirm the project aspirations to ensure client satisfaction on completion.

By driving innovation, R&D, and technological solutions we test the boundaries of accepted best practice to develop improved energy efficient solutions for your benefit. We believe in employing a holistic design process that considers the environment, architecture, structure and services as one.

Each project is approached using a rigorous process of analysis and the most advanced computer modelling tools available. Using the layout, form, and fabric of buildings to provide passive environmental control, we can reduce dependency on energy consuming plant and thus simplify the operational characteristics of the building. These systems that remain are appropriate, kept simple, easy to use and kept as economical as possible.