Lux Live 2017 – CBG Selected Picks

November 21st, 2017

Lux Live 2017 – CBG Selected Picks

The Lux Live lighting show is now a firm fixture in the calendar each autumn. This year’s show brought a fresh focus on connected lighting systems, the Internet of Things and intelligent controls.

But of course much of the show is given over to lighting products themselves, with a chance to catch up with suppliers and see what’s new for 2018. There are also lots of seminars and panel discussions, covering everything from emergency lighting compliance through to the convergence of lighting and data communications. CBG visited both days, some of our top picks are listed below, in no particular order:

  1. Linea Light. Italian based manufacturer, with a much increased presence in the UK in the past few years. A great range of products, including many very small options for spots, sold under their iLED brand. Used extensively in CBG’s Pipers Corner Arts Centre project, delivering a superb calibre of light.
  2. Hard to miss at a prime spot in the entrance, Holophane have a deserved reputation in external and sports hall lighting. They demonstrated a virtual reality (VR) console, allowing you to “stand” in a sports hall and compare different ways of lighting it, using a BIM model. A great way to show clients how a scheme will look, and something we’ll be exploring more ourselves in 2018.
  3. Illuma. Great range of track lighting systems and spot lights, to suit all budgets. Recently used by CBG on our completed Norris Museum project for art gallery lighting. Recent additions to the range include the Probeam, an adjustable beam angle spot complete with on-board dimming. A good option for spaces where lighting needs to be regularly re-configured.
  4. Not many manufacturers would think of using an old shipping container as their stand, but that is exactly what iGuzzini have done for the past few years. Inside, a control sequence demonstrates each of their product ranges in turn. Very impressive was the mini Laser Blade. Barely bigger than a chewing gum packet, this neatly engineered rectangular downlight can provide over 1000 lumens of light.
  5. Lighting Industries Association (LIA). A big presence this year, with several new initiatives to support the industry and help clients when choosing lighting.  Earlier this year they launched the LIA Verified scheme, providing a database of reputable lighting product that have been independently tested. A very welcome development in an industry with so many new start-up suppliers making some dubious claims.
  6. Hacel had an interesting new range of suspended and very minimal fittings, with prototypes on display. The suspended hoops were particularly striking, and would make a good choice for entrance areas and mixed use spaces.
  7. Led Linear, part of the Fagerhult Group, were one of several exhibitors showing off a great range of flexible LED tape. This has evolved from simple LED tape to an impressive range of form factors, colours and optics. Rubberised housing allows it be installed just about anywhere, with the right system.
  8. Long established supplier of everyday lamps, Crompton, are soon to release a warm dim LED replacement lamp. The output becomes warmer as the light level drops. This mimics a traditional tungsten lamp, giving an intimate and relaxed ambience. Standard dimmed LEDs can just look dull by comparison. Not a new idea, but the launch by mainstream manufacturers such as Crompton means this technology is about to become commonplace.
  9. And finally… for the most bizarre product in our opinion: If there was one technology who’s passing few would mourn, it must be the compact fluorescent “energy efficient” bulbs of the 1990s and 2000s era. Undeterred, retail orientated firm ExtraStar had a range of LED replica fluorescent lamps. Coming soon to a hipster café near you…

The two day show finished with the Lux Awards dinner, and a welcome glass of fizz. Next year will promise further innovations in controls and technology. Big developments in wireless technology such as Bluetooth Mesh will herald a new era of scalable and economic lighting controls, from simple houses to historic cathedrals. But we shouldn’t forget it is the light fittings themselves and their visual effect, which will be of prime interest to most clients and architects. From the selection above, and many others at the show, 2018 will be an exciting time in lighting design.

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