Alejandro joined Light Perceptions as a Senior Lighting Engineer and now is a Principal Lighting Engineer with CBG Consultants when they acquired Light Perceptions in 2023.

He has completed a University of the Arts London short course on design for sustainability, to be able to integrate sustainability within the design process for projects. In addition, to further his professional development he has attended various seminars on topics such as ‘RIBA: unlocking the code of colour’ and ‘lighting and the circular economy’.

Due to Alejandro’s knowledge of CAD and development of freehand drawing skills, he mentors other colleagues within this area.

His roles and responsibilities on projects include managing the lighting design development process on significant historic and ecclesiastical buildings such as Tower of London, and Lincoln Cathedral.

Alejandro Gutierrez Canseco

Principal Lighting Engineer

Location: Oxford

Qualifications: Degree in Industrial Engineering