CBG were employed to deliver multiple works for the London School of Economics, LSE Towers over a 5 year period:

Towers 1 & 2
Reorganisation and refurbishment of the ground floor of Towers 1 and 2 on the LSE campus to create a new common entrance central reception for both buildings. The new space included a reception, access controlled gates into the buildings, a coffee shop, accessible WC, two meeting rooms and exhibition spaces in the lift lobbies of both towers.

CBG were responsible for the preparation of employers requirements specifications. CBG designed the full electrical, mechanical and public health systems within the building which included significant due diligence on the existing services running through the space to identify which services needed to be retained and which needed to be removed / relocated.

Tower 3
Reorganisation of entrance area to provide improved access and communication for visitors.

CBG were responsible for intrusive surveys and designs of M&E services.


“CBG consultants has been on the LSE Consultant’s Framework for the last three years. Their M&E commissions have been associated with teaching spaces, staff accommodation, library and halls of residences. CBG are always available and accommodating on our demanding project, we greatly appreciated the face to face contract they offered on site. Their quick ability to consolidate and respond to queries from all members of the design team as well as the contractor are instrumental to the progress of this project on a tight deadline. We would recommend them to our HE colleagues and will continue to work with them again on our future projects.”
Martyn Fisher, Assistant Director, London School of Economics


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