IES Road Show

August 10th, 2017

IES Road Show

CBG Consultants Ltd are pleased to support the IES Faculty Roadshow running throughout the UK throughout August 2017.

This series hosted by IES Ltd will cover the topic “The VE 2017 Unleashed” and will discuss some of the the new features within VE 2017 including:

  • Parametric – brand new feature enabling users to quickly assess multiple variables at once without locking out the Virtual Environment.
  • Optimisation – brand new tool that enables multiple options to be optimised quickly and accurately.
  • ApacheHVAC – learn how to get started with ApacheHVAC using the auto-sizing feature.

What will be covered?

  • How to apply the new tools in VE 2017
  • What Parametric and Optimisation can do for you to improve your work flows and save you time and money
  • The quick way to get up and running with ApacheHVAC
  • An update on key issues on compliance, simulation and modelling

We’re pleased to announce that Zahid Ashraf, Principal Sustainability & Energy Engineer, and Ross Thomson, Sustainability Engineer will be guest speakers. They will present on the topic “Operational Ventilation Modelling”, discussing a case study on LSE Library in which they are involved to investigate, Monitor (With Data Loggers) and fine tune everything in IES Apache engine and advise about environmental conditions.

The event is free to attend; please do register your place here.

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