Zahid has over 15 years’ experience and leads the Sustainability team; he has a hunger for innovative solutions which makes him a dynamic asset.

His technical abilities enable him to make valuable contributions in all areas of sustainable design, from low carbon consultancy through to dynamic thermal modelling and energy assessment.

Zahid’s competences as a Sustainability and Energy Engineer include Value Management, Co2 Emission Calculation, Overheating Calculation, Heat loss Calculation, Daylight Modelling and Solar Shading analysis.

Clients appreciate his enthusiasm and ability to always listen and fully understand their requirements. A confident and well-motivated individual, Zahid is a highly qualified Engineer, with the ability to organise work efficiently and meet tight deadlines.

Zahid Ashraf


Location: Cambridge & Oxford

Qualifications: MSc, BEng (Hons), LCEA (level 3,4,& 5), OCDEA, DEC, LCC ESOS Lead Assessor