BIM – People & Process

May 10th, 2017

BIM – People & Process

As a process, BIM revolves around the technology we use to implement it. Without specialist BIM software, the whole process would be long and tedious. But without the right people using the software there wouldn’t be a process at all.

As with the introduction of any new technology (particularly in this industry) there is always going to be a steep learning curve and the challenge of introducing new methods of working to engineers. Traditionally there have been design engineers and CAD technicians, but why should the two be mutually exclusive? We believe that if the engineers can operate Revit then it opens up a host of possibilities for optimising BIM.

As anyone who has used Revit knows, a ‘Right First Time’ approach saves time and money (not to mention sanity!) and to achieve this the designers need the freedom to alter and amend the model information as it is added. Training the engineers themselves to do this offers an efficient approach to design and model population, and allows any issues to be resolved quickly as the designer can tailor the design to suit the building constraints. This also comes with the added bonus of opening the benefits of BIM to experienced engineers who may not be quite so willing to embrace new methods!

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