For the past 15 years, Network Homes have undertaken the refurbishment and regeneration of the Stockwell Park Estate as part of their commitment following the successful transfer from Lambeth Council.

Located near the recently completed Civic Trust award-winning Stockwell Hall of Fame scheme, Tyler House is one of the last buildings to undergo improvement work. The project comprised of the refurbishment and vertical extension of an existing 1950’s built, 48 dwelling development.

CBG were involved in the M&E design of the refurbishment works for the existing 3 floors and designing the M&E requirements for the 2 new floors.

The project commenced with intrusive surveys of the existing infrastructure and distribution of services, specifically gas water and electricity, and re-designing a more efficient and compliant strategy to allow individual metering with minimal impact on the occupation as some of the flats were occupied during the works. CBG designed enough capacity for the extra 2 floors that were being built above the current 3 storey building, providing a design that safely maintained the provision of power, water and gas to the occupied premises whilst serving the new build upper floors was a priority.

Significant challenges were successfully overcome at an early stage in relation to the safe relocation of some leaseholders and residents, who were engaged by the design team as stakeholders through a series of tenant consultation meetings. Re-design of the internal areas meant the management of mobilisation and transitional arrangements for some occupants whilst others were able to remain in their flats.

Following appointment of the successful tenderer, CBG were retained by them to carry out the developed design in BIM Level 2 (to RIBA Stage 4C) and the construction stage services for the project, working closely with the contractor and rest of the design team.

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