CBG were engaged early in the project’s inception for a new high specification residential dwelling with a keen architectural focus and excellent energy performance.

CBG attended design team meetings with the architect and client to obtain a clear brief with desires and aspirations from the client regarding their new home. It provided an excellent opportunity to engage with the client and set clear goals. It also paved the way for more accurate preliminary design options and proposals that could be discussed with the client and the team.

The project involved challenges due to the remote location of the site and analyses were completed comparing the advantages and disadvantages for remote gas and water supplies versus mains network suppliers. The design focused on high thermal insulation performance to reduce loads and allowed for a very small gas boiler plant requirement. Thermal performance is further bolstered by adoption of underfloor heating for low flow and return temperatures and improved boiler efficiencies. Underfloor heating also contributes to excellent thermal comfort and suits the thermal mass of the building. Ventilation is provided via 2 MVHR systems for optimal efficiency and thermal modelling was carried out to influence and guide all design decisions and clarify future performance metrics. Low-e glazing was specified to mitigate solar gains and opening windows allow for summertime natural ventilation.

Low energy LED lighting rounds out the simple and efficient M&E design philosophy. The avoidance of high cost complex systems makes for an easy to use, low maintenance and very economical solution. M&E space requirements are minimised increasing usable space. A focus on good daylighting and excellent performance minimises loads reducing running costs.

The result is a modern high quality, highly efficient, low maintenance, low running cost, high end residential property.

Images – Fisher Studios

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