River House is a new build private house situated on the banks of the Thames in South Oxfordshire.

Replacing the existing 1970s bungalow with a three-storey building that included five bedrooms, an open-plan living area and a swimming pool. The client’s brief was to have a modern dwelling with a strong environmental focus of which it had to meet the Code of Sustainable Homes Level 4 standard.

CBG Consultants were appointed to undertake the mechanical and electrical design works and modelling of the building to optimise orientation, glazing, energy strategy and energy predictions.
Several elements that were incorporated in the very low energy strategy design of the house included:

  • Low e glazing, low U Values
  • Ground Source Heat Pump
  • MVHR Ventilation with 90 heat recovery
  • ASHP Pool Plant
  • Building Management System

Images – © Jim Stephenson

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