The scope of works covered the supply and installation of new M&E services to an existing playroom within the Royal Brompton Hospital, which was to be completely refit.

The playroom is to cater for all children including those with special needs and as such is fitted out to suit a range of needs. One corner of the room is a specialist sensory area and includes soft furnishings and sensory effects lighting. In another corner there is a one to one area which can be isolated form the rest of the room and there is also a large screen for watching television and playing video games.

The electrical services comprised rewiring the electrical in its entirety. This included liaising with the sensory specialist to provide all of their power needs. The lighting design undertaken by CBG included lighting to task areas and colour changing lighting to the dropped ceiling. This provides more interesting and playful space for children to spend time in. The lighting effect was achieved by the utilising flexible RGB LED tapes. These are linked with the rest of the lighting in the room to a simple scene control panel so the users can select the effect they want from constantly cycling colour to light just in one specific area.

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