The aim of the Liverpool Street Station roof replacement project is to refurbish the existing roof by replacing the current life expired GRP and Georgian wire glass roof panels.

In order to replace the GRP panels, temporary works will be required to access the internal roof structure whilst also providing a safe working platform to undertake the necessary works. Works needed to be carried out safely, in line with Network Rail standards and with little impact on the daily operation of the station.

The safe working platform required to be built for the works will block both natural and artificial lighting above it and affect the station information systems (SISS). The worksite above the deck will also require lighting, power, and fire alarm system. In order, for the station to continue its operation, a new lighting system serving the public affected areas is required, together with provision for adequate power and lighting for the worksite. The design of the lighting and distribution layout has to take account of the RDG Engineering design and sequencing to ensure the station public lighting is maintained operational at all times.

We completed an option appraisal, GRIP 4 design, detailed design GRIP 5, and issued a completed AFC pack for construction.

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