Horizon Technology Park is an Advanced Engineering Campus being developed in Eynsham, Oxfordshire, to house the expansion of Polar Technology Management Group Ltd.

The group are at the forefront of technical innovation and engineering using carbon fibre composites and high-end alloy metallic systems to produce products for industries such as motorsport, aerospace, medical and clean, sustainable, energy technology.

The first phase of the development has provided an additional 100,000sqft of space for the rapidly growing group consisting of Lentus Composites and SST Technology. Further phases of building will deliver up to 300,000sqft of advanced manufacturing space, including an HQ building and R&D facilities.

CBG consultants where employed to design the M&E shell and core for the new build 100,000sqft factory which spanned two floors. The design of the services for the building had to be flexible to allow for regular layout changes depending upon current projects and the updating of manufacturing processes. CBG’s design also included all the services for a state of the art Reception area and offices to compliment the high tech manufacturing facility.

Other CBG works on the site included switchgear replacements in existing buildings and working with the DNO to facilitate a substation upgrade required for the new 100,000sqft factory to be constructed.

Images: © Polar Technology Management Group Ltd

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