Working with TateHindle and East Suffolk Council, our brief was to develop options for a highly sustainable development designed to Zero Carbon and Passivhaus standards to provide much needed affordable housing.

The proposed scope of work is to demolish the existing school, aside from the school hall and provide 61 new build dwellings. These dwellings will be a mixture of apartments and houses spread across a number of blocks, the homes would be eco-friendly, energy efficient with reduced running costs to address the issue of fuel poverty and help towards climate change targets. The school’s existing hall will be retained as an amenity space.

The houses will be all electric, with no gas connection. Heating will be delivered either through air source heat pump, or direct electric. As the Passivhaus heat losses are so small the energy required will be minimal. Ventilation is achieved by MVHR with integral heat pump to pass the summer overheating criteria.


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