Founded 600 years ago by the Hashimoto family in Osaka, the Dojima Sake Brewery has been brought to the UK within the historic grounds of Fordham Abbey in Ely Cambridge. The first of its kind in the UK.

Sake is a Japanese alcoholic drink made of fermented rice. Brewing at Dojima started in 2018 with a formal ceremony, commencing with the traditional Kagami-wari ceremony (Sake Barrell breaking) which was attended by the Japanese Ambassador, Director for International trade, Head of Japanese studies at Cambridge University and many local and international dignitaries.

The building design is of a galvanized steel barn structure meeting the specific climatic conditions required for the traditional brewing process, it houses the different processes involved with Sake brewing including the washing, steaming, koji mixing, fermentation and storage tanks and lastly bottling.

A café and open visiting area for viewing, educating and cross – cultural exchange are located at the rear of the building. The architecture includes windows and rooflights to give an abundance of daylight and natural ventilation ensures that the process rooms achieve good environmental performance.

CBG were appointed as M&E consultants for the project which included the building environmental design, process and production services and the major infrastructure upgrades to the site.

Winner – RICS East Social Impact Awards 2020
Winner – GAGA Construction Awards Architecture Awards 2020

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