Bullmarsh Close is a development of three new build residential 2-bedroom bungalows set in the pleasant grounds of Middleton Stoney Village. The development was commissioned by Cherwell District Council to provide high quality affordable housing.

The development is built to a very high standard with Passivhaus principles. The initial design phase and Energy Statement highlighted the opportunities afforded by a low energy philosophy and the team identified the advantages of the Passivhaus Low Energy Building Standard. This standard aims to achieve much of the full Passivhaus accreditation standards, without significant concerns over the additional expertise needed for construction professionals that are very important for a full certification.

The lessons learnt from the scheme are that Passivhaus is a very strict methodology, and many professionals are still learning the software and system which highlights our level of proficiency within the industry in comparison to some other (perhaps smaller) consultancies and architects. Similarly, the level of M&E design detail and information is much more involved and precise.

The Passivhaus solution has provided a highly insulated and airtight building allowing the use of electric radiators and MVHR ventilation to achieve a very simple and low energy use building. The hot water is provided by air source heat pump renewable energy to provide a low carbon domestic hot water source.

The overall scheme and resulting project are great to see and the quality is evident from visiting site.

Images – © Oxford Architects

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