Piper’s Corner School

October 12th, 2016

Piper’s Corner School

After two years of design, and a further year’s construction, it’s curtains-up for Pipers Corner School’s brand new theatre and arts centre.

Working closely with Nichols Brown Webber Architects, CBG Consultants have designed a state of the art new facility to professional theatre standards. Ventilation systems have been specially designed to ensure good acoustic performance in the auditorium, and the building features a very high degree of air tightness to reduce energy consumption.

CBG worked with specialist lighting suppliers to develop a dimmer capable of smoothly transitioning the house lighting right down to zero, without the usual “snap-off” experienced with LED lighting. Other innovations include a flexible artwork mounting and lighting system, and wireless audio-visual streaming to projectors. The stalls seating is mounted on a flexible rostra system, allowing seating and even the stage location to be reconfigured to suit different performances. This had a big impact on the services design, in particular the fresh air supply which distributes below the moveable seating.

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