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Zahid Ashraf

Zahid has over 15 years’ experience and leads the Sustainability team; he has a hunger for innovative solutions which makes him a dynamic asset.

His technical abilities enable him to make valuable contributions in all areas of sustainable design, from low carbon consultancy through to dynamic thermal modelling and energy assessment.

Zahid’s competences as a Sustainability and Energy Engineer include Value Management, Co2 Emission Calculation, Overheating Calculation, Heat loss Calculation, Daylight Modelling and Solar Shading analysis.

Clients appreciate his enthusiasm and ability to always listen and fully understand their requirements. A confident and well-motivated individual, Zahid is a highly qualified Engineer, with the ability to organise work efficiently and meet tight deadlines.

George Koshy

George Koshy is a Sustainability Engineer with over ten years’ experience in the consultancy environment.

As the Principal Sustainability & Energy Engineer in our Cambridge office, he is passionate about working alongside the design team and clients to help them meet and exceed local and national planning requirements.

George is keen to identify the most appropriate energy strategy for a project to achieve a truly low-carbon profile in line with UK Net Zero Carbon commitment. Whilst various regulatory and policy drivers (such as UK Building Regulations, planning and BREEAM) tend to guide designers down specific paths, he is keen to challenge these where necessary to ensure that the building’s fabric & services design and energy strategy are most appropriate for the end users. This will enable both the facilities team and occupants to operate the building in a low-energy manner in which it was intended, resulting in higher occupant satisfaction, lower energy bills and reduced carbon emissions.

Whilst George has worked on projects across many sectors, he has spent the last 7 years working predominantly within the residential, science & research and higher education sectors making him a valuable member within our team.

Ross Thompson

Ross has over 10 years’ experience at CBG Consultants and has achieved a senior position in the Thermal Modelling team having completed several energy assessment qualifications.

He takes an organised approach to thermal modelling work which involves the management of a huge number of inputs. This makes him well suited to complex projects which require a fine level of detail.

Ross has worked on several renowned historic buildings which, has given him an appreciation of structural detailing.

After several years of overheating and carbon emissions modelling, he is able to provide clients with valuable feedback before a model has even started. The result is in an efficient route to an optimised design.

Lindsey Arnott

As a Senior Sustainability Engineer, Lindsey is involved in the design of high-quality, sustainable buildings which benefit the environment and their occupants. She believes that excellence in sustainable design improves the health and wellbeing of occupants, as well as reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Lindsey attained a Masters degree in Sustainable Building Performance and Design from the School of Architecture at Oxford Brookes University. This experience in architectural design plus 6 years in engineering consultancy means Lindsey has a wholistic approach to sustainable design. She enjoys collaboration with the wider design team to create comfortable, low carbon buildings using passive measures and simple, efficient servicing strategies.

Lindsey has experience working on projects in various market sectors such as education (teaching and accommodation), healthcare, hospitality, commercial and residential developments. She enjoys keeping up with industry developments and seeks out new ways of thinking and clever solutions to problems.