Sam brings a breadth of design experience from working in electronic, nuclear, chemical and electrical engineering across his career to date to his role as Senior Engineer.

After completing his Degree in Electronic Engineering and Masters Degree in Nuclear Reactors  Sam worked in electronic design for a number of years working on advanced engineering projects, for example the development of fuel cells and nuclear engineering projects. After this Sam moved into Engineering consultancy to work in a more forward facing role and to focus more on electrical engineering. Since this Sam has worked on a variety of projects including Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare, Heritage and Residential which has given him the ability to adapt to new engineering projects with confidence and efficiency.

Sam’s experience in a range of technical fields professionally and academically has allowed him to see the engineering process from a multi-disciplined perspective and understand the design challenges experienced across the design team and takes this carefully into consideration when completing projects.

Sam Courtney

Senior Electrical Engineer

Location: London

Qualifications: MSc, BEng (Hons), MIET