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Brunel University’s Quad North Building Nears Completion

The re-vamp of Brunel University’s Quad North building is finally nearing completion.

At its inception, the campus was intended to be a leader in technological education, championing innovation and advancement. Over the years, it has expanded to facilitate the learning of over 12,000 students.

The Quad North building is one of the original campus buildings, built in the 1970s and the proposed home of the university’s dedicated medical school. Laboratories, research facilities, and engineering workshops grace its halls. But the building needed modernisation to accommodate several new departments.

As other parts of the building needed to remain in use, we implemented a bespoke phased approach. We undertook stock surveys of the site, examined the re-wiring and re-modelling, and assisted with the creation of new laboratories, teaching spaces and anatomy suite. We added solar panels for energy efficiency, and eradicated an existing asbestos risk.

We have been involved with the Brunel University Quad North project since 2019, and now that it is finally nearing completion, we are proud to have played a hand in the education of the UK’s future medical professionals.

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Connection Over Food Is Important for Your Team

Cold beer on a warm day, and the promise of poignantly finite weekend is one of life’s most bittersweet pleasures.

Once every few weeks, our teams have Friday afternoon off to sample the culinary delights of different venues around Oxford. Last week, some of our mechanical engineers – and one of our Directors – enjoyed a sumptuous vegetarian and vegan feast at The Punter Pub Oxford.

Revamped as a plant-based menu in late 2019/early 2020, The Punter now caters to the growing number of people in Oxford seeking to adopt this lifestyle.

From a menu stacked with eye-wateringly delicious, locally-sourced options, the team enjoyed a healthy, sustainability-friendly lunch, while taking in the psychedelic artwork on the walls of the pub.

As an Investors in People (Silver) company, CBG Consultants place value on the importance of social connection between team members and managers, both in the office and out. Creating space for teams and managers to decompress and engage with each other outside of the office is key to overall happiness and health. Connecting over food has long been known to create a space share more free-thinking ideas.

Credit: Eva Christodoulou, “(99+) How can managers build stronger relationships with team members? | LinkedIn” 19th June 2021.

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