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Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day! #INWED 2022

In March 2022, the Women’s Engineering Society reported that women make up just 16.5% of all engineers.

Whilst a massive increase from the 10.5% recorded in 2010, there is still room for improvement. As an IIP company, we are  keen to diversify our workforce, and ensure more women are represented in engineering roles.

Studies have shown that men tend to over-estimate their abilities, while women tend to be more risk-averse, often under-estimating their abilities. This is a key factor to consider when looking at the career profiles of males versus females in typically male-dominated fields. It suggests that a good mix of the two approaches – confidence and caution – are critical to ensuring that projects are carried out safely and effectively.

One of our Electrical Engineers went from a Graduate to a Senior in just over five years. In any field, this is impressive, but to do it as a woman in an industry where “men get more trust” is even more so.

This particular engineer has always found the logical side of the industry appealing, following in the footsteps of her father. However, the creativity side of things also appealed, which led to her narrowing down her focus to Lighting as she progressed.

“More men than women seem to be interested in engineering,” she says, “and I think women in general are more focused on the creative side of things. Perhaps they miss the fact that there is creativity involved in engineering too.”

When asked what kind of advice she would give to a woman wishing to enter the field but feeling apprehensive to do so, our engineer said “just try not to feel different. It will take time, but just quietly prove yourself, over weeks and months. It will happen.”

In the mean time, any women seeking to join CBG Consultants in a Graduate Engineering role can expect personalized mentorship from a Senior Engineer and a range of company activities and rewards. We actively encourage more women to apply by offering flexible working (which is helpful to those who have family commitments), maintaining our IIP Silver status, and building upon our wellness offering.

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Images: Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash


Sliders, Champagne and Silent Cranes at OCPN June 2022

The June 2022 OCPN was generously sponsored by Wilmott Dixon.

The roof terrace of the Slug & Lettuce, next to the Oxford Castle mound, provided an atmospheric venue. Watched over by a silently looming crane on a Wilmott Dixon project across the street, guests partook of burger sliders, chicken wings, nachos and plentiful prosecco. The 26°C heatwave cast a peaceful lull over the streets of Oxford, punctuated at intervals by the sounds of revelry from other nearby venues.

Alan Jarvie of Atkins Global won this month’s prize draw – a fancy bottle of champagne – and seemed very pleased with himself!

Guests chatted into the evening about the latest happenings in construction, photography, what it’s like being a woman within the industry, and the food. Especially the food!

OCPN will now take a brief hiatus until September. We hope you all enjoy your summer, and keep your eyes open for the next event!

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Brunel University’s Quad North Building Nears Completion

The re-vamp of Brunel University’s Quad North building is finally nearing completion.

At its inception, the campus was intended to be a leader in technological education, championing innovation and advancement. Over the years, it has expanded to facilitate the learning of over 12,000 students.

The Quad North building is one of the original campus buildings, built in the 1970s and the proposed home of the university’s dedicated medical school. Laboratories, research facilities, and engineering workshops grace its halls. But the building needed modernisation to accommodate several new departments.

As other parts of the building needed to remain in use, we implemented a bespoke phased approach. We undertook stock surveys of the site, examined the re-wiring and re-modelling, and assisted with the creation of new laboratories, teaching spaces and anatomy suite. We added solar panels for energy efficiency, and eradicated an existing asbestos risk.

We have been involved with the Brunel University Quad North project since 2019, and now that it is finally nearing completion, we are proud to have played a hand in the education of the UK’s future medical professionals.

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Crosfields School featured in Architect’s Journal

One of CBG Consultants’ projects – Crosfields School – has been showcased in Architect’s Journal.

A private co-educational school in the heart of Reading, Crosfields uses a two-storey curved structure, which protects trees on the site, creates solar shading, and utilises cross-laminated timber to substantially reduce embodied carbon.

CBG Consultants were engaged to design an energy-efficient Senior School Building, that includes a Café, Performance Space, Teaching classrooms, Library, Welfare Hub, and Academic resources.

Two girls walk in a school hall made of cross laminated timber Cross laminated timber

In collaboration with David Miller Architects, CBG provided the M&E, Lighting, Building physics, BIM aspects and RIBA Stage 4C Design Information. Sustainable solutions included a brise soleil façade to help reduce overheating during the summer months and 47m² of photovoltaic panes on the roof to generate electricity.

The project was nominated for both the Constructing Excellence Awards (Category: Project of the Year) and the Construction News Awards (Category: Project of the Year).

Rob Wilson, “David Miller Architects designs composite timber school in Reading” Architect’s Journal, 11th May 2022, .


Photo credit: Tim Crocker

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