An ambitious scheme to convert an old printing works into state-of-the-art office suites, technology workshops, and warehouse storage for Zetica.

The original steel framed structure was gutted and re-roofed, creating a blank shell which has been transformed with modern LED lighting, and energy efficient heating and ventilation systems to create an ideal working environment.

The challenge was to create a modern open feel while retaining the flexibility to adapt to future expansion of staff numbers. It was important for the client that we delivered data and power connectivity that would ensure a high density of users in key areas.

CBG’s contribution to the project started at the consultation stage with the client and architect working together to develop a design concept. From these early discussions CBG produced a Stage 3 M&E package which was then developed into a full Stage 4 detailed design. This process followed CBG’s own CAD process and involved the use of industry standard design software from Autodesk, Amtech, and IES.

Our external lighting design was sympathetic to the local environment while adhering to CIBSE guidelines. Within the building daylight harvesting was used to reduce energy consumption and maintain comfortable levels of light employees. Intelligent lighting controls ensured further energy saving benefits to the client.

Throughout the project CBG was engaged in the planning process ensuring that the architect was supported with relevant information and documentation. At the construction stage CBG continued to provide technical support to the client to ensure that the designs were being executed correctly and to a high standard.

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