The former georgian chapel that was closed in 1984 has now since been refurbished into ‘The Parade Cinema’. Prior to the project taking place, the chapel was in a state of neglect with major renovation works required to be able to bring it up to standard for its new use.

Retaining the aesthetics of the former chapel have remained an integral part of the project, with the external appearance remaining the same. However, the main transformation has taken place internally where the once nave section of the chapel is now a grand one screen cinema with 106 seats, 70 in the stalls and 36 in the balcony. There are now dedicated seating spaces, an auditorium, fully licensed bar and café, industrial kitchen, lobby waiting areas and an external substantial paved garden where food and drink can be served and enjoyed in the fresh air.

CBG Consultants was appointed to provide the mechanical and electrical aspects of the project. In keeping with the client’s brief, the M&E works have been designed to be discrete and to not affect the overall look of the cinema, whilst at the same time providing suitable cooling, heating, and illumination.

Images – © Victoria Tapper Photography 

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